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Blagojevich na Obama

Newyork Times
Blagojevich, Guilty on 1 of 24 Counts, Faces Retrial
The judge declared a mistrial on 23 charges, the bulk of the case, after the jury said it was hopelessly deadlocked. Prosecutors promised a new trial.

Iraqi Leaders Fear for Future...
Iraq remains haunted by the decisions of the earliest days of the occupation, when the United States helped install opposition exiles to lead the country.

Given Money for Rehiring, Schools Wait and See
The money for schools to rehire teachers, counselors and support workers is instead being set aside by school districts worried about cuts to come in the current school year.

"We should be ashamed of the way we led the country." ADEL ABDUL MAHDI,
vice president of Iraq.

A Dutch City Seeks to End Drug Tourism
Struggling to reduce traffic and crime, Maastricht wants to make its legalized use of recreational drugs a Dutch-only policy.
9/11 Suspect Was Detained and Taped in Morocco
Ramzi bin al-Shibh was secretly detained after C.I.A. operatives brought him there in 2002, officials said.

U.N. Sounds Alarm on Aid for Pakistan
The plight of flood victims has not yet prompted donors to open their hearts and wallets, according to relief agencies.

Cape Cod Waterways Face Pollution Crisis

Rising nitrogen levels are suffocating the vegetation and marine life in saltwater ponds and estuaries on Cape Cod, posing a threat to the shellfishing industry and the tourist econom

Lilly Stops Alzheimer's Drug Trials The company said patients who had taken a drug intended to reduce plaque in the brain showed worse functioning than those who had taken a placebo.
India May Soon Resolve BlackBerry Dispute
Wireless phone companies, government officials and Research in Motion, have been figuring out details of how monitoring encrypted e-mail would work.

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