Comedian/actor Jamie Foxx went on his Foxxhole radio show recently and took some shots at both Montana Fishburne and Brian Pumper.
Well, Montana has fired back via her Twitter page, and she doesn't mince words either.
She first tweets "Jamie Foxx has sex with guys."

Then follows that up with this bombshell, "Jamie Foxx actually has a gay porno in the works with Vivid. Don't believe me just ask him about it and tell him I told ya'll."
Whether this is just her anger talking or the real truth, I'm sure we'll find out soon.
One advantage to being the daughter of a Hollywood superstar like Laurence Fishburne would be the ability to hear a lot of dirty secrets that the public doesn't have privy to.
Montana did follow the tweet of "Skittles.. taste the rainbow" with a link to the very questionable pic below.
Her last tweet of the night was, "Aite I'm off to bed, those tabloids gonna be sizzlin' in the morning #FoxxHoleRadio."
So damn,,,this is getting kind of crazy

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