Male impotence in young men,Cure and foods that improve sexual stamina!

Male impotence is manifested as the inability to have or retain an erection ,to have a premature ejaculation or not being able to ejaculate.
A doctor i know Mr.Khan once told us in a seminar that the main causes  of impotency are Physical and psychological..
Physical origin may be due to an obstruction of the arteries that irrigate the penis  caused by atherosclerosis (cholesterol that obstructs arteries) and diabetes which stops the correct flow of the blood through the penis.But also lack of of nutrients such as enough zinc,vitamin E,B1,B5,B6 and B12.
Psychological origin may be due to:Stress,nervousness,puberty,physical traumas during during childhood e.t.c.
Stress,anxiety,preoccupation and depression cause a form of adrenaline to be segregated ;this obstructs the penis's erection.
What Causes Impotence in Young Men?

Alcohol & Drugs
High doses of alcohol and some prescription and recreational drugs may impair sexual performance. Mixing drugs and alcohol is dangerous; it may also increase the risk for impotence.

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