Acreditation: Media take out

 MediaTakeOut.com just received some TERRIBLE NEWS. Legendary musician Wyclef Jean was SHOT just an hour before voting in the Haiti election began.
According to reports, a group of masked gunman approached Clef and tried to MURDER HIM> Luckily he managed to escape with only a bullet wound to the hand.
See the below pic, dude looks like he's hurt bad though. And that hospital doesn't look like it's very well equipped either.

Berlusconi denies paid sex with 'Ruby' 13 times (France 24)

Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has publicly rejected claims by prosecutors that he paid to have sex 13 times with Karima El Mahroug, a then 17-year-old Moroccan girl also known as Ruby.
By News Wires

AFP - Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi has rejected "shocking accusations" from an inquiry linking him to a alleged prostitution ring, saying women only came to dine and dance at his house.

Justin and Jessica split off

After more than a year of speculation, reps confirm Justin and Jessica have officially broken off their long-term relationship. Do YOU think Justin has moved on with Mila Kunis?
This news isn’t surprising in the slightest! After more than four years of ups and downs,